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How to Write a High Quality College Essay

This is more than just a blog post. It is more of a study guide to explain the critical aspects of writing a high quality college essay. Essay being a formal form of assessment in many academics disciplines holds a very special value. Essay is used both in coursework assessment as well as in exams. Students learning to write academic papers start progressing from essay writing in first place. Writing essay starts from high school and it goes up to the university level. Students attending any kind of academic setup have to go through learning essay writing in the very beginning. In this article we will enlist all the secrets of writing a college level high quality essay. Furthermore we will also list down some tips and trick to develop your essay writing skill to the highest levels.


Why an essay is so important in college

In college almost every teacher assesses their students, by giving them essay writing assignments. These assignments on different subject carry 2 objectives. First and the most important objective of college essay is to train students in development of their writing skills. Second objective of this exercise is to assess the true understanding of students regarding a specific topic. Furthermore an essay also reflects some key features of students understanding, which are as follows:

  1. The students clearly understands the task set by the title
  2. The student has understood the material that was given to read
  3. The student has developed a clear understanding of the material given
  4. The student has understood the importance of referencing
  5. The student has developed an understanding of constructive argument
  6. The student can conclude the paper to a closing end

These skills are the main reason why essay writing holds such importance during college years. During college teachers also appreciate best essays written by students who are well equipped with best essay writing skills. Initially the teacher hold on to a limited number of words for each essay and with passage of time these word counts are increased, and it becomes more challenging to fill up the gap.

Feedback From the Teacher

A good level of constructive feedback can also work as a guide. It can explain a lot on how you should improve your writing skills and what you teacher is demanding regarding a specific topic. Don’t ever take any of the teacher`s comment personally, it is all meant to improve your essay writing skill. Pay attention to each and every comment and try to concentrate on how you can improve your essay based on the teacher`s remarks.

Some of the common criticism a student face during college can be as follows:

  • Put more focus on your title
  • Essay has got poor structure
  • Everything is too much descriptive
  • Does not focus on critical ideas of the given topic

This criticism highlights three basic elements of a good essay:

  • Staying focused on your title is a must to do thing
  • Relevant structure is very important in essay writing
  • Critical writing is very much important while writing essay, it helps in establishing a relevant argument for your topic

These elements show the important aspects of a good essay. They can also serve as a guide to write good essay during college years. So now we will elaborate each and every aspect of writing an excellent essay.


Staying Close to the Title

While writing an essay like our thoughts we can easily drift away from our topic. You need to listen carefully to what the title is talking about. Read every single word of it and try to build a comprehension of your own about it. As of now you have developed a clear and concise comprehension of the topic, you should plan ahead to respond to every aspect of it. As we all know the secret of writing a good essay is defined in 3 pieces of advice; one; answer the question, two; answer the question, three; answer the question. So staying close to the title is the key to write a good essay.


The introduction presents the purpose of the essay, to show the approaches, in general, that will be presented in the development and to give a brief notion to the reader of the organization of the text. The introduction also serves to present the central thesis of the essay, that is, the question to be answered. It is necessary to limit the subject and focus it on some point of interest to achieve a clear thesis that attracts the reader’s attention. In this way, we can affirm that the introduction consists of two parts: a brief general introduction to the subject and the organization of the essay, and the presentation of the central thesis.

Main Body

In the body of the essay, the aspects presented in the introduction are developed, starting with the more general or contextual aspects of the topic and ending with the arguments that support the thesis that is exposed. The organization of this part of the essay is varied and depends on both the subject and the intentions of the author. This section is the most important of the essay not only because it exposes and argues the thesis but because it demonstrates the ability of organization, exhibition and argumentation of the writer

Once you have the introduction and the body of the essay, the author can proceed to write the conclusion. The conclusion recapitulates the thesis and the main ideas that were presented both in the introduction and in the body of the essay. In this section, we begin by making a brief summary of the essay and ending with a well thought out phrase that closes the thesis presented by the author. It is in this part where the author has to close the essay with an answer to the question that was raised, which may or may not coincide with the ideas, prior to the investigation, of the author. That is, the central thesis can be true or presented as false, the important thing is to close the essay.


The bibliography is one of the fundamental parts of the essay because it is where the arguments, information and ideas are supported. Without a correct bibliography, the essay may not be sustained or declared as plagiarism. It is also important to remember that citations, whether textual or paraphrased, are held in the latter part of the essay. The bibliography can be books, internet sources, DVDs, magazines, theses, other essays; in short anything that provides information on the subject, the important thing is to cite it according to the model that is being used.



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