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Proofreading Service

Purpose/Need of Proofreading

Whether or not proofreading is one of the big differences between good and bad papers, this is indispensable quality control to stop, before the final product, the small imperfections that remain in the text, despite our previous efforts. You need the guidance of someone with more experience and, above all, you have to train your mind so you can see what you normally overlook. The mind should see the error instead of reading it as if it is correct. You must learn to see everything: the beginning of the page, the margins, the gaps, the figures … everything! You must also be able to read the text and reconstruct senses (logical and semantic functions), but you must also be able to see the page as a figure (spatial and visual functions).

The letter is sometimes drawing and sometimes words. And the mind must learn to see it that way. You also have to learn a series of brands for signaling changes. Each editorial can have its own, although there are some almost universal. We know that you can`t spare much of your time in doing all the above-described tasks and that too with a small research paper; let alone doing this for your thesis or dissertation. That is why we offer an extensive proofreading service so that you can spend your time on other important things rather than wasting it on proofreading your own paper. Sometimes it is not about time it’s just about not having the skill to do the job. Feel free to contact us for any kind of proofreading service.

Types of Proofreading Services We Offer

We work with a wide variety of materials, including books, magazines, brochures, reports, websites, and academic journals.
Traditionally, we receive the work of a writer from the best essay writing service after the style review has been done with the preparation of the original and has been typed. Our qualified proofreader confronts the printing tests with the revised version, line by line, making sure that the typographer has correctly followed the marks of the style reviewer.
However, proofreading is often done “blindly”; that is, the proofreader does not have a revised version to compare. In addition, proofreaders are increasingly working on screen.
Proofreaders use regular special marks they make in the text and on the margins of the page to show what errors are there, where they are, and how they should be corrected. Traditionally, they will use red ink to show typographical errors and blue ink for errors overlooked by the style reviewer. Proofreaders working on the screen can use a “change control” function to mark the text.
The tasks our proofreaders perform on your paper:

  • Mark spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Check that the page numbers are in order
  • Ensure consistency, following a style guide from the publishing firm
  • Make sure the captions match what you see in the photo.
  • The proofreaders are not responsible for verifying data or developing indices and do not suggest rewriting or commenting on the page design.
  • Our skilled proofreaders often work on their own, although they can contact the style reviewer and/or the author to make some inquiries

Order #1 Proofreading Service

You can provide your document or, if you prefer, your version can be reviewed by our proofreader before you place the order. This service is very practical in the case of having to write an international tender, research paper, thesis, dissertation, essay or any other paper for example. Some of our clients are international organizations and exporting companies that need to publish the results of their research for European Union publications, research organizations whose articles are published internationally in English. Our reviewers are native speakers and highly skilled in writing English with core complexities. In case of an unintelligible phrase, we will consult with you to make sure if we are going on the right track.

Each document you give us will be treated with complete confidentiality. We are aware that on many occasions we will deal with material that has not yet been published and the information cannot be disclosed in advance. Don’t worry; you don’t have to use email. We will open a user account in our customer portal, hosted on our own internal servers (not in the cloud) and you can upload your documents in a highly encrypted way. All information created as a result of a relationship with our customers is covered by our confidentiality and privacy agreements.

FAQs (10 Relevant Questions and Answers)

If you have a rough idea on paper that needs to be done from scratch then it’s not a proofreading work. You have to place a new order for it.

Your paper is not perfected until you read it properly for errors like punctuation, grammar, and other mistakes. It is very essential to proofread your paper to make it a perfect one for submission.

We have many different packages for different levels of proofreading service. It depends on the evaluation of your paper. We will first evaluate how much proofreading is required for your paper only then we will quote the price.

It depends on the size of the document and the complexity of work. Normally our proofreading staff takes 48hrs to one week in proofreading a paper.

Our qualified staff is capable of proofreading almost any paper related to any subject. Our writers are graduates from well-known universities and they have an added advantage of being a native language speaker. We also have a specialized proofreading staff who are professionals proofreading and correcting any kind of mistake related to grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.

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