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8 Learning Techniques in English Class

Until some time ago, it was believed that learning a new language meant long hours of studying grammar. Through a repetitive method, it was thought to be forming fluent speakers. Today, we know that there is no point in maintaining just a passive study of the language: it is necessary to be in an immersive environment, carrying out various activities in English, to strengthen knowledge.
The greater the daily contact with the English language, the more you will learn it. You can take classes at an English school and complement your learning with movies or series, video games, reading books or accessing websites. For that, it is not necessary to be in another country! English activities that present real tasks allow you to achieve this goal in a playful and interactive way.


1. Cooking Experience

Currently, gastronomy is a trend. Examples of this are the numerous television programs that feature culinary competitions.
The truth is that the story of someone making food for you is becoming increasingly out of fashion since knowing how to cook is one of the characteristics of the successful young man of the 21st century. Who knows, you might not even become a great chef?
A Cooking Experience program will help you build thematic vocabulary in English, as well as allowing you to get your hands dirty to learn recipes like vegetable pie, wheat bread and cupcakes, among others. Delicious!
All of this should be done with the guidance and supervision of qualified professionals, in a special environment for students. In this way, the class can develop their interaction and strengthens the bonds of friendship, fundamental to motivate studies in English.


2. Gardening

Did you know that one of the big bets for the future is sustainability? This is because it is necessary to think about the social and economic development of countries without depleting natural resources. Today, every citizen needs to know about this current and relevant topic. After all, it is charged in schools, entrance exams, and even as knowledge of the successful professional.

Consistent with this perspective, A Gardening at School program, can address the topic in English, together with a project developed in organic gardens. In them, students can plant and harvest vegetables, fruits or vegetables. Nothing like being connected with the environment and learning another language, right?
But, after all, how does such practice improve learning? When in contact with nature, the young man studies new words and actions through playful and contextualized teaching, which ensures the expansion of his vocabulary and favors fluency in the language.


3. Bear fest

We know that one of the biggest difficulties for those who are learning a new language is public speaking. The reason is simple: speaking in front of an attentive audience brings anxiety and, often, anguish to the speaker, especially in another language.
With that in mind, teachers should put together an educational program aimed at artistic presentations with oral expression, entirely in English. Students develop intonation skills, self-confidence, vocabulary expansion and many others.
Through theatrical practices such as improvisation, interpretation and memorization, as well as pedagogical activities focused on speech, students are able to work on their sense perceptions, socialization and self-confidence. All of these characteristics are fundamental to making excellent speeches.


4. Reading and Writing are Fundamental

Have you ever wanted to read a book in English? More than knowing the grammar and vocabulary of a language, it is necessary to know how to read and write in that language, as this develops several language skills, in addition to encouraging critical thinking, creativity and imagination. Thus, this educational program encourages reading and the production of texts, interpretation activities, arts and group debates. The experience of the language is introduced in a practical and efficient way, stimulating the taste for foreign writing.

For children who are not literate or in the process of literacy, there is the Storytelling Project, which awakens a taste for reading from an early age through playful activities. We will talk more about this option throughout the article.Also see the Useful Tips To Research the Plagiarism in Essay.


5. Snack Time

Snack Time promotes social interaction through the use of the English language spontaneously and contextualized way. In a relaxed moment, such as the snack period, students can enjoy and learn (in English) subjects related to topics such as food, nutrition, hygiene, sustainability or food culture, among others.
In this way, the bond and the relationship between the educator and the students are improved, allowing the learning to be more effective throughout the school year. As a result, the performance of the whole class is strengthened.


6. Learning and Tech

Learning something doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous! The Learning & Tech offers dynamic activities in English, which exploit the technology in an interactive way and playful, as well as preparing students for the new languages of our contemporary world.
One of the resources used for this is gamification, a methodology that brings elements of video games to the classroom. It is also possible to take advantage of several applications to learn and study English.

One of the greatest lessons learned through technology is communication. With the use of both virtual games and mobile applications, classes become dynamic, gaining student’s attention while strengthening memory and improving English pronunciation.
Thus, the program stimulates the intellectual skills of each participant, arousing interest and curiosity to contextualize the content of the class. Thus, students feel motivated to continue their studies, since they were born in a technological and virtual world.


7. Backyard – Learning by Moving

Now, if your beach is sports, rest assured! There is also the Backyard – Learning by Moving, which combines the practice of physical exercises with the learning of the English language.
In this program, the student has a certain amount of time during the pedagogical activities to play outside with balls, ropes, hula hoops, blackboard, basketball hoops and much more!
Thus, the class learns new words and techniques of speaking or listening, while moving the body and developing a happier and healthier life. As a consequence, a dynamic, interactive and meaningful classroom environment is created.


8. Storytelling Project

Another very efficient educational program is the Storytelling Project. It is a modality that stimulates the curiosity, imagination and critical and abstract thinking of the participants, as well as the social interaction between the members of the class and the cultural educator.
Through storytelling in English, children who are not literate or in the process of literacy learn more easily the vocabularies of another language. This is because it is possible to create an imaginary world in which the contextualization of new words is present.
In addition, activities in English arouse interest in reading from an early age, especially those in another language. Thus, there is a rapid and efficient development in the English language, not to mention that students have a taste for knowledge.

Did you like the activities in English gathered in this article? As we have seen, there are programs for all tastes of children and adolescents, from working with technology to activities in nature. As a result, there is an incentive for each student to stay motivated in their studies and learn another language in a healthy way.

So, was our content useful to you? Do you know of another activity in English that encourages student learning? Share it with us in the comments, as we will be happy to meet you! Also check our essay writing service that offers high quality copyscape pass content in best budget.



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