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Editing Service

Purpose/Need for Editing Service

Our editing service covers many aspects such as spelling, writing, consistency, and argumentation of a document. You can get your paper edited at different levels: remove “type errors”, check spelling or make a correction of style or spelling, among others. People who require a text editing service can be writers, students, thesis students or academics. Any person who has an original paper that requires a second revision, either a text written by themselves or that has gone through a translation process.

Our editing staff is language specialist and knows the issues that are needed to be addressed in the document, particularly in cases where they use specialized jargon. The levels of specialization needed for a paper varies and depends on how you need it. Depending on your needs we carry out an initial review of your paper to analyze the amount of work that is needed to make it up to the mark. Our editing staff is well experienced in marking out every sort of mistake in a paper. Our editing staff is well trained to point out grammar, punctuation, typo error and sentence structure errors from any kind of paper.

Types of Editing Service We Offer

Our professional editing services are designed for authors, students and business professionals who seek the best quality and require a thorough review of the language of their papers. Papers sent to us are returned without linguistic, grammatical and punctuation errors, in addition to any errors in the technical terminology. The cost of our editing service is moderate compared to the substantive editing services available in the market.

With our “double editor” system, papers are reviewed by two highly qualified editors to ensure consistency and linguistic accuracy. After the first thorough edition by a specialist in thematic areas with a doctorate, a second editor will polish and refine your document to eliminate any ambiguity detected. All of our editors are native English speakers (from the US, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada) and are familiar with the problems that may arise in texts written.

For each paper, we work we adapt a highly specialized editor who is a specialist in the subject. For example, a document on Neurology will be edited by an editor who has a master’s degree in Neurology and not by a specialist in Medical Sciences. This technical competence allows us to optimize both content and language and pay due attention to the most subtle particularities.

We guarantee that a paper edited by us will never be rejected because of any language-related problems. In the event of a rejection, we claim full responsibility for re-editing the document and sending it back with no additional cost. Our strict systems and processes, professional editors and the internal quality management system help us fulfill this promise.

Order #1 Editing Service

Buycustomessays.net is the trusted name in author services for the global research community. We have worked with researchers from more than 125 countries improving the communication of their research and helping them achieve success in publishing since 2012.

Feel free to order the best editing service available in the market. We have competent staff working day in and day out to provide you the best editing service experience. To acquire our service just connect with our sales and support team. They will take you through the ordering process. You can state your requirements for editing which will be directly communicated to your editor.

FAQs (10 Relevant Questions and Answers)

We offer complete editing services that include editing your paper from every aspect. Our editing staff can edit your paper for language issues as well as conceptual issues.

Yes, we can partially write some new parts of your paper that are required while editing. These include some minor parts or sentences. Our editor will mark your paper with an editing point where more content is needed.

Your paper is secure with us and we will deliver it to you with fully secured email servers. Your paper is your intellectual property and we take care of your data as of our own.

You can contact us through email, phone number or you can directly chat with our support agent. Your message will be conveyed to your editor every once in a while. You can also monitor the progress of your paper via our chat support.

That depends on your document. You can submit in your document for an initial examination. Our editing team will come up with a price quote as well as the timeline.

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