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Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Guide

This method is frequently used in academic essays in which you can compare two periods of history, two theories, postures, research, etc. Anything can be compared and contrasted, for example, two soccer teams, two stages of life, car brands, etc. The most important thing and that we must keep in mind in this type of essay is that both things must be similar in nature. We can compare and contrast a table with a chair, but not a chair with rice or food, we can compare two brands of cars, but not a car with a plant.

In the case of the GED exam, the science and social studies section will usually present two positions that must be compared and from which you must obtain from the text the elements to compare and contrast both positions and even indicate which are agreement or not and why. Now the only and best way to develop the ability to write fluently on any subject, there is no way to practice with the greatest variety of topics we can.

To organize and present an essay or paragraph that includes comparison and contrast, two styles or ways of doing so can be used. The first style is to “organize it in the block” and the second to organize it “point by point”. A good thesis writing service can help you with a compare and contrast essay but this guide will help you understanding the format.

The introduction and conclusion are basically the same in both styles, the only thing different is the organization and the body of the essay. For example, if we want to write an essay about men and women, we would organize our ideas for each style as follows.

For the block organization, all the similarities or differences in the first paragraph are dealt with first until the ideas are exhausted, in this case, they would talk about all the physical, mental and emotional similarities that exist between men and women. In the second paragraph, all physical, mental and emotional differences between men and women would be addressed.

In the “point by point” style, all physical similarities and differences between men and women would be written in the first paragraph. For the second and third paragraphs, the same methodology or steps would be followed. Using this style allows you to organize ideas individually by exhausting the points one by one. It also lends itself to writing more extensive and detailed essays, allowing the reader to have similarities and differences within reach without having to return or search on another page.


Importance of Compare and Contrast Essay

Since the beginning of humanity, man has needed to communicate his thoughts, feelings and postures in situations that directly and / or indirectly impact him. This need made man develop literary structures that allowed him to achieve his goal: to communicate.

The essay is considered as the “genre that deals from a reflexive perspective, of deep communication issues related to social, ideological, philosophical, cultural problems (…) that are usually written by personalities or specialists of the same. These texts usually appear in the Sunday editions of the newspapers and have more places in certain magazines dedicated to a topic. ”

This literary genre has been adopted by students, professors, writers, researchers, journalists and columnists to present their ideas and criteria around a specific topic, making the reader of the topic get involved in the analysis of the topic and contrast their opinion with the of the author. Starting, in this way, “a dialogue between author and reader”.


Comparing Opinions and Arguments

Within the literary, academic and journalistic world, the essay allows us to present ideas and arguments in front of a context, which makes it an important discussion material within the professional work. Within this genre, we can find a comparative essay. For some authors, the comparative essay is defined as the text where two antagonistic positions are presented and / or where two theses are verified. Through this comparison, the author tries to make the reader reflect on a specific topic.

Let’s see in this article what are the indications you must follow to achieve consistent, understandable and communicative essays:


How to write good Compare and Contrast Essay

The Structure:

Approach or thesis: In general, the approach is developed in the first paragraph or at the beginning of the work. Its objective is to raise the author’s position regarding a specific theme. Generally, this approach specifies the objective (s) to be achieved. You must be clear about which topic you are going to discuss, what you want to explain and what the perspectives will be used in your comparative analysis and you must also define who you write for.

As it is a comparative text, it begins with a general observation that can serve as a context for both approaches, then begins by establishing the arguments in each of the two cases. Do not forget to compare both objects of study according to each argument or idea to develop. Let it be the same reader who finds or defines his position in front of this essay and choose one of the two alternatives.

In this entry, there are two boarding possibilities: one deductive and the other inductive. The deductive method raises the topic and you use your analysis of the variables leading, guiding the reader to draw their own conclusions or set a position on the subject. While the inductive method starts your argument by developing each of the variables until you reach the issue or problem statement. The two ways of approaching the subject are viable. Choose the one that is easier for you to work on.

Development of Body:

Generally, in the body of the essay the author raises all the arguments that support his thesis, which gives him a reflexive and justifying body of the author’s initial statement. Depending on the length of the work, which can range from two to 15 pages, each paragraph or title corresponds to the development of an argument.


After speaking on the subject the author must close the essay, must conclude, must show the findings of his work and / or show the conclusions reached.
It is also important that you include your personal assessment. You must explain what are the reasons why you prefer more for one of the options work.


Be Concise and/or Precise in Your Analysis and Dissertation Of the Topic:

Sometimes the authors believe that the fuzzier the language is and the more extensive the writing is the better writers or essayist beings. Quite the opposite. A good essay refers to the exact analysis of a topic, where the reader can dynamically advance the work and understand the author’s position. Use only the necessary arguments for the explanation of the topic, do not talk about it. You run the risk of being redundant or repetitive, which makes the text-heavy both when reading it, and understanding it.


Write with Short Sentences

Just as we are recommending you not to result in your texts, we also encourage you to write with short sentences. They give dynamism to the text. The communication is direct. The reader advances in the text and understands much more. Another point uses semicolon and / or commas. But remember, use short sentences … that will help you a lot to explain yourself.


Include Reflections in Your Text:

Supporting your approach with reflections or quotes from authors makes your essay acquire more importance. Above all, use those arguments that justify or give strength to your position against one thesis or the other.



Since the essays are subjective work, it is important that you let it “rest” for a day or a few hours and read it again. This exercise will allow you to make corrections. Modify those aspects that are not clear enough for you. And you can improve it, in a nutshell. Once you do this exercise, just like that, you can publish or share it. Successes in the publication of your essays.


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