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Advantages & Disadvantages of Custom Writing Service

Now a days everyone is busy and the hustle of life has left us with no time. Starting all the way from school our lives are as busy as hell. No time for food, no time for study and no time for making assignments. Moving toward the digital era we are lacking almost everything in our lives. We struggle hard to get some time for ourselves selves but we end up just making money. Being a student, we have to take care of a lot of things. Not to mention if you are working and earning for yourself it’s another big chunk of your time gone. So almost every one of us is inclined toward hiring essay writing services to get our assignments done.

We have plenty of options to select from as of now there are millions of companies offering essay writing services. Some are offering cheap while others are charging way too high. That is why they fell on and off our affordability list. Being students, we always look for a good service along with affordable rates. Some students think that services offering higher rates are good and others offering cheap essay writing services are not good at all. On the other hand, the story is entirely different. None can guarantee good grades after paying more money and we also have people buying cheap essays and getting good grades.

Asking cheap rates doesn’t mean they will provide low quality work and higher rates never guarantee higher grades. There are scammers on the internet and that is true people get mugged every now and then but there are some good companies which are providing good quality work with affordable rates. In this article, we will tell you the pros and cons of hiring an essay writing service for your assignments. So that the next time someone asks you to “write an essay for me” and you have a good answer for them.


Pros Of Custom Essay Writing Service

Form cheap rates to timely delivery there are many pros. You can hire a custom essay writing service with no fear.

Affordable Price

If you look for a good essay writing service in your city you must go for the cheap options in the first place. Looking for cheap options doesn’t mean you compromise quality. Here are some tips which can help you out with finding a cheap and good essay writing service. If you wanna know how to choose a good essay writing service you can read out our article “How to choose a perfect essay writing service”. Ok so go for a cheap option search your local companies and you can also search for some offshore companies too. Look for some good discounts they are offering. Some of them have good discounts for new customers. Some offer referral discounts.

Check which one is offering the lowest prices and list them out one by one. Now you have to check their credibility. Check if they are credible or they can be trusted. Google their names and see how people are talking about their experience with the company.

You Are Dealing With Experts

No matter which company you choose and what price you are paying. You are dealing with experts. Every company hires expert writers with experience to get you the best quality paper on time. These companies are doing good business with a reputation to carry on that is why they never compromise on quality. They hire people who are experts in academic writing. With experience in almost every discipline, they know how to write a good paper. So this is another reason why you should hire an essay writing service.

You Are Not Paying For the Name

Companies which charge huge amount of money for custom essay writing are just getting paid for the name they have in the market. This is how they exploit the customers by selling them what is not worth the money you are paying. They have been around for quite some time and that is how they have built a good name around. This is another reason why you should hire a company with a custom essay writing service.

No Time Restriction

No matter where you live and what time zone you are in these companies are working 24/7 to provide you with good quality paper. You can get your paper on your deadline no matter where you are located and where the company is. These companies are operating 24/7 just to provide you your paper within your given deadline.

24/7 Customer Service

This is another reason why you should hire an essay writing service. They operate around the clock to help you get good grades. No matter what time your deadline is you can contact them any time you like. Be at 2 am in the night or 4 pm in the afternoon custom essay writing service are available online to help you out with your essay.


Cons of custom writing service

Finding a Good Company is Hard

Like any other sector, you need to look for a good company and finding one is always hard. Similarly finding a good essay writing service is also hard. People get scammed many times, either they lose money or they end up getting a paper that is plagiarized. Submitting plagiarized content is a criminal offense in academics and students can get penalized. Before getting started you have to spend quite some time to search for a good company or else you may end up losing money and time.

Sometimes the Writers are Not Native

There have been many cases where these companies have hired non-native writers. They do it to save some money as non-native writers are cheap to hire. Some companies even hire an offshore non-native writer who is sitting in a remote country writing paper for you. These types of writers do not pay attention to the quality of the paper nor do they have any soft corner for the reputation of the company.



No matter what you do and how you select the custom essay writing service. Chances are high that you can get good quality paper all the time. There might be 1 in a thousand chances that you may get scammed or get a plagiarized paper.


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