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9 Professional Ways To Write a Persuasive Essay

The most important thing for readers other than the quality of the content is the agreement with what you are saying.
But there is an alternative for you to catch anyone’s attention and get them to finish reading by fully agreeing with your arguments: persuasive essay writing. No, it is not manipulation, just a set of techniques that lead the reader to empathize with its content and to continue reading until the end.

Want to know how to do this? Learn now 9 different ways to write a persuasive essay!



To empathize is to put yourself in the other’s shoes, to understand what the person is going through. Then you raise a problem and make the reader identify with him, then give the answers he so desires.
As in an e-book “6 ways to get your company’s finances up to date”. You capture the reader’s attention to the problem, the company has difficulties with finances and needs to organize them.
He develops the idea by posing all the problems arising from this lack of organization, such as late payments, interest, loans, etc. and then gives the long-awaited tips to get out of this situation.


Give reasons

Do you know that old phrase of the parents, “why yes”? Why not is an argument for a persuasive text? In order for you to actually convince your reader about what you are saying, you need to give reasons, say why, what are the reasons for them to believe you.
For example, when you talk about the importance of a CRM system in the company, you cannot just say “why it will help you manage your customer portfolio”. How is he going to do that? What are the features of this system that will help with customer management? What are the benefits?


Speaking of Benefits

Benefits also help to bring the reader to your side. Why buy an LED TV and not an LCD TV? What are the benefits of each product? How can they change the consumer’s life? What are the advantages of one being LED and the other LCD?
It is obvious that you are going to “pull the sardine” to the side of the product you want to sell, but this need not be made clear in your text. What should be highlighted are the benefits of the product you want to sell.


Use authority argument

Also called social proof, the authority argument is when you use a quote from a person recognized in the middle. Imagine that you are writing about marketing and use a Philip Kotler impact phrase to reinforce your idea. Who, in their right mind, will question the pope of marketing?
Using the authority of recognized people to reinforce an idea is one of the most persuasive writing techniques we see out there. If you have already done your coursework, master’s dissertation or doctoral thesis, you know the importance of social proof to convince the evaluation boards.



The comparison is not just to show that this product is better than that. It also serves to bring the idea closer to the reader. You can, for example, compare a negative person to a rotten fruit, which contaminates the other fruits in the basket.
You can also say that a person is stubborn, that is, stubborn. This is a metaphor. When you use these resources, it makes the reader better understand your argument, identify situations and people, building emotional links with your text.


Tell stories

Which is easier to remember: a paragraph from a book you just read or the joke your colleague just told? Stories are powerful when they trigger the reader’s memory and stay longer. Also read all the Learning Techniques in English Class.
So use storytelling to empathize with your reader and establish that connection. Storytelling also helps to create scenarios, contexts, to awaken memories that will help the reader to enter your text and see your point of view more easily.


Offer exclusivity

Everyone wants to be unique. That’s why we have different haircuts, we wear different clothes, we have completely different tastes and habits from each other. If you want to hook your reader, one of the persuasive writing techniques that cannot be missing from your texts is precisely exclusivity.
Invite the reader to be part of a select group of well-informed people, professionals who have all the answers. Sharpen your curiosity by taking the weaker side, with questions like “did you know?”, “Are you still there?” “Did you know what your competitor is already doing?”. There is nothing better than poking at the reader’s weakness to give him the solution he hopes for.



Empty arguments do not give credibility to your text. Why is inbound marketing important? Why should companies invest in information technology? How can you differentiate yourself from the competition?

For the reader to believe in you, you must be consistent, bring facts, data, arguments, experiences, successful cases, social proofs and everything that can reinforce what you are saying. Without consistency, you will only be creating a self-help text, where the reader will say “how beautiful!”, But without knowing the applicability of that.


Reinforce your idea with repetitions

Repetition leads to habit, perfection and also convincing. If you go to work every day along the same path, it becomes a habit, you arrive more quickly because you already know the path and you are also convinced that this is the best way to get to work.
In persuasive essay writing the more times the reader sees the reinforced idea, the more easily he will believe it. But there is no point in writing ten times “inbound marketing is important”, as this is a frustrating attempt to brainwash.



Write the same idea in different ways, make statements, give examples, insert a celebrity quote about it. Use your vocabulary to instill the idea in your reader’s head without them realizing that this is your goal. So, are you persuasive? Do you use any of these persuasive writing techniques in your texts?


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